HORSE  PAL® Service Replacement Parts
unpackaged parts There is nothing about the trap to wear out or need replenishing for a number of seasons, but if your ex-friend just ran over your HORSE PAL® with his pick-up, here's the solution to your problem!

* Because of shape or weight, the shipping charge of many parts is a significant portion of the cost. A combined multiple part shipment of some parts may significantly reduce the total cost.

#Part NameUnit PriceU.S. Shipping *Total
1 fasteners5.0012.00$17.00
2 wire link hanger3.0012.00$15.00
3 "W" shaped hanger3.0012.00$15.00
4 screen cone22.0015.00 $37.00
5 top - outer - plastic30.0015.00$45.00
6 top - inner - steel24.0015.00$39.00
7 leg (each)17.0019.00$36.00
8 brace rod (each)5.0015.00$20.00
9 black target ball55.0019.00$74.00
10 clear container jar6.0015.00$21.00
11 tent/screen assembly60.0018.00$78.00
12 steel post rod5.0018.00$23.00
 valve for ball1.004.00$5.00
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