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HORSE  PAL® Service Replacement Parts

There is nothing about the trap to wear out or need replenishing for a number of seasons, but if your ex-friend just ran over your HORSE PAL® with his pickup, here's the solution to your problem!

To order parts email us the parts you need at Also include your shipping address which we need to determine the shipping cost of the parts. After we receive your order we will email you an invoice that you can pay online with a credit card. The email will be from "Newman Enterprises."

* Because of shape or weight, the shipping charge for many parts is a significant portion of the cost. Buying multiple parts will result in lower shipping costs per part.

unpackaged parts
# Part Name Unit Price
1  fasteners ("W" hanger included) 8.00
2  wire link hanger 4.00
3  "W" shaped hanger 3.00
4  screen cone 20.00
5  top - outer - plastic 25.00
6  top - inner - steel 40.00
7a  upper leg (each) 17.00
7b  lower leg (each) 17.00
8  brace rod (each) 17.00
9  black target ball 75.00
10  clear container jar 8.00
11  tent/screen assembly 68.00
12  steel post rod (3/8" or 5/16" round electric fence post)
This post can be bought at your local farm store.
   valve for ball 1.00


 Last revised March 31, 2023