Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Mitchell Francis, Mineola, Wood County, TX, USA

Email header - M. Francis

Once I got the trap assembled, my wife and I spent several moments laughing about how anything so simple and odd in appearance could possibly work. Our resident horseflies were then left to their own devices with the Horse Pal.... their loss. I placed the trap in the middle of an empty 3.5 acre grazing pasture and two days later returned with great skepticism, but great hope. I discovered fifty plus horseflies had or were in the process of putting their final affairs in order. It continues to work and work well. From now on I laugh with you, not at you. I have shared this success with every coworker owning livestock and, while not all have horseflies, those that do are highly interested. I wish you all the best and future success with Horse Pal.

Mitchell Francis
Mineola, Wood County, TX

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