Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Paula Hancock, Kintnersville, PA, USA

E-mail header - P. Hancock

Hi Neil,
I have been using my fly trap for about twelve years now! It is getting a little beat but I use duct tape to cover any breaches in the trap. The biting flies came out early this year. I set the trap up and caught 12 flies in the first couple of hours. I did accidently discover that placing barrels on either side of the trap seem to entice the flies even more. I recommend this trap because it works well, it is very low maintenance, it is environmentally friendly and it lasts. When I get another one, I will probably keep this original one in operation as long as possible. It feels so great to fight back and do it so effectively. Thanks for a great product!
--Paula Hancock
Kintnersville, PA

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