Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Dr. Shari Robertson, Indiana, PA, USA

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Message: WOW! I can't believe how well this works and what a HUGE DIFFERENCE it has made for us. We live in Western Pennsylvania and in past years, once warm weather hit, the horse were confined to the barn all day to escape the nasty flies. We couldn't ride or enjoy them without being feasted on by clouds of huge, biting flies.

I ordered one trap this spring - my husband was EXTREMELY skeptical. But he and I are now both converts. The fly population is significantly down - in fact, our horses are able to stay outdoors and we can ride whenever we like. There are ALWAYS new flies in the trap (in the first couple of weeks it was dozens and dozens per hour) but rarely any on the horses. What a pleasure to see them in the field with their tails flicking only occasionally. We notice that we are not getting bit either - in fact we rarely see a fly outside of the trap.

I'm ordering another trap to put at the other end of our large property so we can expand our outside "play" space. I've been telling everyone I know to stop messing around with sprays and chemicals and buy a HORSE PAL! Even our vet was amazed and fascinated. Please feel free to refer anyone to us who is skeptical. We are HUGE fans.

Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Very Sincerely,

Dr. Shari Robertson
From: Shari Robertson (xxxxxxx@xxx.xxx)
Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania (formerly of West Bend, WI)

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