Testimonial email for HORSE PAL®

from P. Stercyx, Pre-Alps area - FRANCE

Dear Sir,

Time for a testimonial...
I'm living in the Pre-Alps in France, near Geneva, at a heighth of 950 m. In the nearby surroundings of our house we have woods with deers, grass-lands with cows and horses and two nice ponds in our garden. An ideal place for horseflies. As we got very hot months of june and july, there were plenty.

Liking being outdoors and working in my garden, I got bitten about three times a day. No concern about that. Just a light annoyment like with a mosquito bite. But the case of my wife is somewhat more dramatic : she is utmostly allergic and a single bite causes violent reactions of swelling and pain, so that she is out of business for at least one week. Some years she gets two attacks and the result is she cannot go outdoors in our garden anymore during the best season and still indoors, we have to organize daily hunts for horseflies.

So I searched on the net and found the horsefly trap. The site with all it's testomianls looked quite impressive and convincing and I decided to order a trap. This is quite an expensive experience, as 'all in' it costs the double of the basic price including transport, customs and taxes. But well-being has no price and I took the risk.

The result after having one month of horsefly trap in our garden is impressive. During this time more than 200 horseflies were trapped. Also a small amount of common flies and other insects, including one big butterfly (how did he manage to enter it?). I was not only astonished by the efficacy of the trap, but also by it's selectivity. No bees in it, though in the immediate surroundings we have beekeepers and lots of the bees come to drink the water of our ponds (let's say some hundreds within 10 m of the trap). This flatters my ecological heart. My wife could at last enjoy the garden and I got only one bite every two or three days instead of three per day . Of course the trap doesn't eliminate 100 percent of the biting flies, but having it in the garden makes a huge difference in quality of life.

So I want to advise it warmly and am very thankfull to M. Newman. Let's say also the procedure of information, ordering, billing and delivery were perfect. And as an extra reference I have to say I discovered the trap on the site of the Department of Biology of Geneva University (Switzerland). There was no link, but a small description which made it possible to do the search on internet.

With all these good comments, I would like to add one critic : the references of the company printed on the trap could have made been smaller : in Europe this kind of advertisement on products, especially when they're of a higher class, is not much appreciated. Discretion is the rule.

Best regards,
Pierre Stercyx