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Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Yellow Flies - Reduction and Control

Whether they are biting your horses or your children in the pool, they are delivering a very painful bite. Until the HORSE PAL® there had been no commercially available way to effectively reduce their numbers. Insecticides don't work. These flies are strong fliers. As soon as the insecticide settles down, new flies arrive and the problem is renewed. The HORSE PAL® biting fly trap is constantly on duty, attracting the biting flies in the area and capturing them. The trap is environmentally sound. It requires no smelly or messy baits. The only care required is occasionally removing the capture bottle and dumping out dead flies.
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HORSE PAL® The HORSE PAL® fly trap
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  • Size - 2 ft (0.61 m) square by 5 1/2 ft (1.68 m) tall.
  • Cost - $350 plus shipping and handling.
  • The HORSE PAL® traps horse flies and deer flies ("greenheads"), and yellow flies.
  • Won't work with insecticides. Environmentally sound. Requires no chemicals or messy baits; just a no-maintenance target.
  • Reduces the possibility of fly-born diseases.
  • The HORSE PAL® is constructed from marine grade canvas, fiberglass screen, plastic coated steel legs, and other premium materials for many seasons use.
  • Shipped via UPS in the USA and Canada.
  • Email us about shipping to other countries. 
  • 5/16 nut driver, 7/16 wrench, and tire pump required for assembly.
  • Only maintenance required is the occasional removal of dead flies.
  • Patented

Frequently Asked Questions--

Q) How do I order a HORSE PAL®?
A) First, if you are not certain about the kind of flies that you have, select one of our biological information links and assure that your flies are in the horsefly, deer fly, or yellow fly family.

Next, you have two options...

Option 1, the easiest: Use the "Buy Now" button below in the "Contact/Order" box to use a PayPal shopping cart and your credit card to order securely on-line.

Option 2: Download and fill out our printable order form, enclose a check, and mail to our address on the form. [FAQ list]

Q) What is the behavior of horse flies?
A) Deer flies, horse flies, and yellow flies belong to the same family (Tabanidae). There are many species (Tabanus, Hybomitra, Chrysops) of these blood-feeding flies that are known by several different names (eg: greenhead, green head). By any name these pests are vicious, painful biters, making life miserable for horses, livestock, and people.

Horse fly bites are more than an annoyance. They can transmit disease, including EIA (equine infectious anemia), Potomac Horse Fever, and possibly Lyme disease (New England Journal of Medicine 322:17:52, 1990).

The fly's sharp mouthparts saw through the skin of the victim making a bleeding wound which allows the fly to suck blood for several minutes. Like the mosquito only the female bites to feed on blood.

Horse flies (deer flies and yellow flies are similar) deposit egg masses usually on vegetation over moist soil or near water where the larva burrow into moist soil or the bottoms of ponds or streams. They also burrow into dry soil. Larva feed on organic matter or insects, worms etc., maturing in late spring.

Depending on the species and location, the life cycle can range from two months to over two years.

Adult flies are extremely strong fliers and can travel long distances from their breeding sites. Flies can migrate into an area within minutes after it has been treated with insecticide, making chemical treatment futile.

Continual trapping of female flies before they bite and reproduce is the only way to reduce fly-bite stress, and control or reduce horse fly populations.

Every fly caught saves your horse (or you) from a painful bite and the danger of possible infection. [FAQ list]

Q) How does the HORSE PAL® work?
A) The biting horsefly, deerfly, and yellow fly are not attracted to chemical or smell baits. They are visual hunters. These flies can see, and are attracted to, the critically developed HORSE PAL® target from a long distance. They fly to the target which is specifically designed to attract them. When the flies discover the target is not a blood meal, the trap is designed so that the flies enter the capture bottle, die from the heat of the sun on the bottle, and accumulate in the bottom of the capture bottle. [FAQ list]

Q) What do I have to do to maintain the HORSE PAL®?
A) The only maintenance required is the emptying of dead flies from the capture bottle. [FAQ list]

Q) How big an area does a HORSE PAL® cover?
A) It depends. The flies hunt by sight. Any area within sight of the target ball will attract and trap flies. The closer to the trap the stronger the attraction. A single trap with a good visual location will attract and trap flies as they come into the area; this may include several acres. [FAQ list]

Q) Would it help to use an insecticide with the HORSE PAL® trap?
A) NO! Never use insecticides with or around the trap. Insecticides will repel flies from approaching the trap. [FAQ list]

Q) Will the HORSE PAL® trap flies other than horseflies ("greenheads") , deerflies, and yellow flies?
A) The trap is designed specifically for the horsefly family which includes horseflies, green heads, deerflies, and the yellow fly which are not attracted to any other kind of commercially available trap. The trap will not attract other flies like black flies, house flies, bot flies, stable flies, etc. [FAQ list]

Q) Do you guarantee the HORSE PAL®?
A) The HORSE PAL® is warranted for materials and workmanship. The HORSE PAL® is made to trap horseflies, deerflies and yellow flies, but may not trap your flies if they are not these biting flies. This site has many biological links to help you identify your flies. If you have reservations about the HORSE PAL® performance, refer to the references page and feel free to contact any of these users about their HORSE PAL® experience. [FAQ list]

Q) How long will a HORSE PAL® last?
A) The trap is made of premium materials. It consists of marine grade canvas, fiberglass screening, polyester and epoxy coated steel legs, and other stainless steel and zinc plated parts that will ensure, with reasonable care, many years of use. [FAQ list]

Q) Where should I place the HORSE PAL®?
A) The trap should be placed in the open where flies can see the target from a relatively long distance in all directions. If used for horses, cattle, or other livestock, place outside the pasture or otherwise protect the trap from "curious" animals. If used around the home, resort, camp, or swimming pool, place it out in the activity area where it is highly visible to the flies. If used around stables and barns, place the trap in the open, not against the buildings or other obstacles that will limit the "field of view". Sometimes, for reasons nobody seem to know, moving the trap just a few feet will make a significant difference on the trap's effectiveness. [FAQ list]

Q) Where are HORSE PAL® traps being used?
A) In 35 U.S. States plus Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Russia, and Spain. [FAQ list]

Q) How can the Horse Pal® be received outside of the USA and Canada?
A) Write or e-mail your location and the location of your nearest airport and you will receive a cost quotation for air shipping. Include the quantity of traps as air shipment costs usually reduce rapidly with more units. [FAQ list]

For more information, contact:

Newman Enterprises
934 Lake Ct.
Madison, WI  53715-2018


Or, you can contact us with this Feedback Page.

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There are many kinds of flies and many of them bite. HORSE PAL® is designed to attract only the TABANID family of flies which include the Horsefly (Greenhead), Deer Fly and the Yellow Fly which are not controlled by other "fly control" methods. If you are not sure of your fly, use the site's biological links to identify your fly.

HORSE PAL® is NOT warranted for performance because we do not know the identity of your fly.

* Shipping for US lower 48 states is $49 per trap.
** For Canadian shipping, email with your address and postal code to get a shipping charge.
*** For all other countries, email with your address, postal code, phone number and nearest major airport to receive a quotation.

 Horse Pal® fly trap

This product is assembled by participants in the Ascend Services Inc. work services program for individuals with disabilities. Ascend Services Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

All parts made in the USA.

Made in USA

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