Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Peggy Carney, Suffield, CT, USA

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Peggy Carney (xxxx@xxxx.xxx) on Thursday, August 8, 2002 at 19:10:43

Comments: Just wanted to let you know how pleaased we are with the Horse Pal fly trap. The first two weeks we were catching 60 to 70 a day. Now that the popluation is greatly diminished, we catch about 10. My horse pastures are next to a pasture of about 20 cows and no matter what I did I couldn't seem to fight off the horse flies. Everyone who sees it is amazed that it works so well.

One interesting observation. The Horse pal is also near my garden. It seems to also be doing a pretty good job of catching cucumber beetles. The are many of them in the trap too!!!!

It is really a pleasure to find a product that lives up to it's claims!!!!

My horses and I thank you.


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