Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Ann Dulong, Sundown, NH, USA

E-mail header from A. Dulong

Mr. Newman,

I have to say we were skeptical about the Horse Pal fly trap for two reasons. One - we don't have horses (but are on a wooded lot and therefore are plagued by horse flies and deer flies). Two - the cost and would it actually work or would we be just throwing away $220.00?

We took the plunge because the darn things were just driving us crazy! We couldn't swim in the pool or work in the yard for 10 minutes without being attacked by 5 or 6 deer or horse flies. Well, the Horse Pal arrived Friday afternoon. I wasted no time in putting it together and we put it out in the rain on Friday night. The next morning started bright and sunny but breezy. Now they say that if it's windy the horse flies are fewer. Well...by noon time on Saturday there were about 10 flies in the jar. We were impressed. Then we noticed something unexpected. Even the flies that did fly around us didn't seem as interested in us anymore. They didn't attack but tended to just buzz us then fly off. We were thrilled!

Today we spent a nice day out doors without the constant swatting. I knew that we had a bunch of horse flies but you don't realize just how many is a bunch. There must be 100 in the trap. It's wonderful! Thank you for making this great product!!

Best regards,

Ann Dulong
Sandown, NH

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