Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Barb Crowley and Jake Kish, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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Comments: Dear Mr. Newman,

We are just in awe over the Horse Pal. We are the ones that decided to drive to your Wisconsin location from Michigan and pick up the Horse Pal. Didn't want to have to wait for delivery during a Holiday week. My horse was miserable due to the deer and horse flies and we didn't want him to have to suffer any longer.

When Jake returned home from picking up the Horse Pal, we assembled it immediately. We didn't even have it totally put together and we already had 2 deer flies captured.

It has been only 1 week and 3 days since we set up the horseplay. I am very excited to report to you that we have captured over 500 deer and horseflies. Not to mention a few bald faced hornets and other annoying insects. I am so grateful that you had the time, ingenuity, and the patience to invent such a remarkable product.

Hats off to you...

Barb Crowley and Jake Kish.

PS: You may use this letter as a testimonial.

How_discovered: On line = desperately searching for a solution to the deer and horse fly problem.


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