Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Melanie Clark, Ottawa, ON, Canada

E-mail header - M. Clark

Hi Neil, I am located just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Below is an e-mail I sent to my horse friends with regards to the effectiveness of the trap. I am very happy with it and have found a significant difference with my horses.

If ever you need a recommendation for someone of my area, I would be happy to provide one.

All the best,

Melanie Clark

From: Clark, Melanie [NCR]
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 11:21 AM
Subject: Horse Flies - the Horsepal works!


So I have been putting off writing this e-mail because I didn't want to make a fool of myself after spending so much money.

Now I can say that the results I have gotten are significant enough to make a huge difference for the ponies and the humans too!

So here we go... Horse flies/deer flies have been horrible, bothering the horses everyday, all day. The horses hide in their shelter and kick out, roll and do everything to get those buggers off. As you know, those flies are relentless. I have also developed an allergy to them... with my arms swelling painfully when stung.

I did some research and found the "Horse Pal", a contraption of sorts patented and sold through the www.bitingflies.com website.

Expensive... But with the research I did, I felt like it was worth a shot, as I studied insect physiology and junk like that at university (finally my degree coming in handy!). With the trap and import duties, I paid about 400$ for the trap... yep 400$... But it works...

See for yourself.

Trap, installed June 25th:
M. Clark - Horse Pal

These are shots I took of the glass container on the top where the bugs fly through and die: zoom in if you want!

June 26:
M. Clark - Horse Pal

June 29th:
M. Clark - Horse Pal

July 3rd:
M. Clark - Horse Pal

July 12th:
M. Clark - Horse Pal

So here are my conclusions:

Trap is very well designed and easy to install, withstands heavy rain and heavy winds.
Effective and can easily be cleaned, stored and put away for winter and reinstalled next year.
If you can stomach the price, this contraption is worth it and can be re-used year after year… an investment really.
All natural, no pesticides.

I will provide my feedback back to Neil the creator of the "Horsepal".

Any questions or if you want to come take a look at the trap, c'mon over!


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