Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from B. Mitchell, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada/Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada

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Bruce Mitchell (xxxx@xxxx.xx) on Thursday, July 19, 2007 at 08:17:59

Comments: Hi,

My wife purchased a Horse Pal earlier this summer (Anina Gundersen, Ottawa, Canada) which we took to our summer cottage in Quebec where the Horse and Deer flies are particularly bothersome. You know it works, now so do we! I expected it to reduce the fly population but I had no idea it would do so as well as it does. She reported to me, yesterday, that she'd gone to our beach with the dog and the Horse flies were so bad both of them were covered with bites within minutes and the poor dog was bleeding from them. So she took the trap from the yard beside the cottage and moved it to the beach, within 1/2 hour there simply were no more Horse flies and there were about 50 of them (not an accurate count by any means) inside the trap! The two of them then enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon, fly-free!! We had the same experience up near the cottage when the trap was there although the fly population was less!

Everyone who has visited us in the past two weeks, since we've assembled it, has been amazed by its effectiveness.

Good for you and thanks so much!!

How_discovered: Web search for Horse/Deer fly traps.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada/Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada


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