Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Angela Neely, Brandon, MS, USA

E-mail header - A. Neely


First of all let me tell you how much we appreciate our Horse Pal. At first we were skeptical but within minutes of setting it up we were already catching flies. Sweet revenge!!! The kids named our Horse Pal Bertha and it quickly became a game to try to guess how many flies Bertha could catch in the next minute/hour/day. The first three years we must have killed a million flies, we were soon measuring by inches in the jar. The last two years have been quiet on the horsefly front, but this year we are beginning to see a few. Unfortunately it seems Bertha's butt is a bit saggy and she's unable to attract the flies like she used to so we'd like to order her another. I will hop over to paypal to send payment right away.

Thanks so much!
Brandon, MS

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