Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from P. Owen, central FRANCE

E-mail header from P. Owen

Dear Mr Newman,
You probably won't remember us but when we lived in England we bought a Horse Pal which we took out to our property in central France. We moved from Britain to France permanently at the beginning of March this year. The Horse Pal has been wonderful and we were able to put it out earlier this year and have been catching lots of young horseflies and deer flies. The trap recently withstood a major storm and even though it was uprooted and lifted into the middle of the meadow, it remained intact - without a scratch in fact. However, some unknown ne'er-do-wells have since stolen the target ball whilst we were out! One can only wonder why!!!
Please ship us a replacement ball. Our largest regional airport is Tours, although Poitiers is nearer but a bit smaller.
Best wishes,
Pat Owen

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