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from Mark Stenberg, East Hampton, NY, USA

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Mark Stenberg (xxxx@xxxx.xxx) on Monday, August 22, 2005 at 08:20:13

Comments: I was completely skeptical about Horse Pal but so fed up with getting bitten by horseflies around my pool that I went ahead and took a gamble on the $250 and ordered one. It was the best investment I ever made at my house and has turned my summer around. Your contraption is obviously ingeniously thought out and actually works - it looks nice too and is a great topic of conversation at my backyard barbeques. Since a week after putting up the trap (very easy to install with simple instructions) my family hasn't seen (or been bitten) by a single horsefly in our backyard. The only horseflies we see are either dead or dying in the trap. Summer is wonderful again! I highly recommend Horse Pal to everyone for their own protection as well as for the good of your community to reduce the overall numbers of horseflies and their painful bites. You've got a great product and I wish you all the best success. You can be sure I'll be telling all my friends about it for many years to come. (Please feel free to use my testimonial with my name if you desire.)

How_discovered: Yahoo Search

Location: East Hampton, NY


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