Testimonial E-Mail for HORSE  PAL®
from Bernell McGehee, Liberty, MS, USA

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Bernell McGehee (xxxx@xxxx.xxx) on Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 10:52:25

Comments: I emptied the horse fly trap for the first time this morning....today is Wednesday. The trap was set up late Saturday. So, that's 3 full days and maybe 4 hours of additional sunlight. I counted 1565 dead horse flies. That's one thousand five hundred and sixty-five, in case you think I mistyped. I'm a CPA and I was careful with my count. You can safely say that between 400 and 500 horseflies per day are being captured with the Horse Pal at my home.

How_discovered: Internet search engine

Location: Liberty, MS - Southwest Mississippi...60 miles north of Baton Rouge, LA


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